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Innovation doesn’t only apply to our market leading products. Innovative thinking takes place at all levels of our business. It’s part of our culture.

  • We love a fresh perspective
  • We encourage thinking outside the box
  • We combine our areas of expertise to support our customer’s success


    Our mission is to produce the best products possible and deliver them to the marketplace at a competitive price. And it starts by having the right people on board.

    • We employ quality people to make quality products
    • We take pride and ownership in the jobs we do
    • We test and check our products exhaustively


      Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop when the product is delivered. Our people are dedicated to making sure our reputation for support remains the industry standard.

      • We believe our customers’ success is our success
      • We work closely with our distribution network
      • We provide extra services for special challenges


        We strive to lead our industry by pioneering a world of possibilities by empowering people, reducing our impact on the planet and consistently innovating to deliver the most sustainable solutions for our customers. That’s why we call our approach to sustainable business: People. Planet. Paint.

        • We are AkzoNobel, a global sustainability leader
        • We offer sustainable solutions for everything wood
        • We create products with both customers and society in mind