Opticlear Pre-Catalyzed Lacquer

431-9010 Matte

431-9020 Low Gloss
431-9035 Satin
431-9050 Semi-Gloss
431-9090 Gloss

Opticlear is a one-component, precatalyzed lacquer
especially developed for surface treatment of
furniture where a beautiful appearance with good
resistance properties is desired.


Product Description

Opticlear is fast drying and well suited for spraying as
well as coating by roller and curtain coating. The
material is used for an open or semi-open grain finish on
all types of wood for interior use. This precatalyzed
lacquer has very low odour during the curing process
while maintaining its rapid dry and cure properties.
Opticlear, when applied as specified, will meet required
performance for the NSI/KCMA A161.1 1990 9.0 Finish
Tests. To augment the chemical resistance of the
product, Opticlear 431-90XX may be catalyzed.


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