OPTISET Topcoat 131-82XX Optiset® 550 Pre-Cat White Pigmented TC

Optiset 550 is a one-component, pigmented pre-catalyzed Reactive Amino Coating (RAC) with good resistance properties. This product meets the German “E-1” classification for the emission of formaldehyde as tested by an accredited laboratory using North American test methods. This is a fast building pigmented pre-catalyzed RAC due to its high solid content (32% volume). Optiset 550 demonstrates very good moisture, household wear, household chemical and mar resistance. The coating has light stable properties due to the type of resin used. This coating may be catalyzed to further enhance its durability. Contact your coating supplier for a recommendation. Optiset 550 has very low odor during the curing process while maintaining its rapid dry and cure properties.


Product Description

Optiset 550 is recommended for kitchen cabinets, office and household furniture, as well as other interior wood applications.


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