Regulator 3/4 (f) npt with gauge modulair 400

Technical specifications and certifications

• Port Size: 3/4 (F) NPT
• Inlet Pressure: 0-300 PSI
• Outlet Pressure: Adjustable up to 125 PSI
• Panel Mounting: 52 mm hole required
• Valve: Brass
• Valve Cap: Nylon
• Seals: Nitrile

Features and benefits

• Modular or inline mounting
• High flow capacity
• Superior pressure regulation – diaphragm type regulator
• Self relieving design
• Push-pull adjusting knob
• Front mounted clamping design with encapsulated screws

Product Description

Operation and installation

Install the regulator on each pipe where applications and air tools requires different working pressure.
Always install the regulator downstream of a filter and upstream of a lubricator.
Can be installed vertically or horizontally.
Always install regulator with the arrows pointing to the tool or application.


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