Bradder B14.763

Characteristics: standard magazine, rear loading
Trigger type: single sequential actuation

Product Description

We Americans like our PENNY SIZES of nails. The 8d (eight penny) finish nailer is a tried and true member of most carpenter’s stable of staplers & nailers. When a 2-1/2″ length is needed, it is probably because the application drove through several thicknesses of materials that all have to be held “sandwiched” together by a stout 2-1/2″ Brad like the Omer B14.763 provides. This bradder comes from the factory with a Sequential trigger but Bump Fire option is always available if you are looking for speed. Also, like all Omer tools, there is a remote fire trigger that can be special ordered when mounting these to your automated system. This Omer brad nailer has become a fan favorite in every continent. The B14.763 model is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and proudly carries the aire of superior Omer quality.


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