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January 2024


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  • Suction rod or gravity hopper
  • Available in kits with one or two air regulators
  • Good chemical compatibility with GT or MB-A cartridges



  • 1 Quiet and balanced air motor for constant delivery
  • 1 There is minimal pulsation due to quick air motor change over at low air pressures
  • 2 Stainless-steel fluid section compatible with a wide range of materials including water-based paints
  • 3 Designed to eliminate dead zones for quick color changes
  •  Pulse-free for a superior finish
  •  Able to flush and prime at very low air pressures (0.6 bar/8.5 psi)


  • Large foot valve to handle high viscosity materials up to 5,000 cPs – carbide seat
  • 4 Small fluid section, minimal material loss during color changes
  • 5 Closed construction decreases the risk of injuries and protects the lubricant from external contamination
  • 5 Leak indicator weep hole for fast visual inspection
  • 6 Easy rotating outlet fitting to fit various configurations


  • 1 Stall-free Differential Air Motor won’t ice up
  • 3 Easy to service with direct access to the suction valve
  • 4 Single piece built-in cartridge with no dead zone
  • 6 Easy coupling for a quick disassembling
  •  Mobile seal located on the piston ensures the cleaning of the fluid section internal wall while the  pump is in operation
  •  Low maintenance, no external air distributor assembly. 45% fewer parts vs competition
  •  Triple chrome-plated piston parts compatible with most materials
  • ♦ Magnetic reversing valve to eliminate pump surge
  • ♦ Reduced spare parts: 50% fewer parts vs competition