Prim-Jack to snug flooring boards together

When your boards are a bit warped and need to be snugged PrimJack is the ideal tool.

Product Description

The PRIM-Jack A400 tightening jack is a professional tool offering a durable design capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. Constructed with the best material available and designed with the professional installer in mind, it is a precision-built tool that can deliver more than a ton of force and will provide you with years of quality service. The PRIM-Jack tightening jack is designed to hold flooring strips tight and keep them in place for nailing. It will also straighten crooked or bowed flooring strips and hold in the nailing position by removing the tongue grip plate and securing flush to the sub floor. It can apply more than a ton of force and provide the hold necessary to free the installer’s hands for nailing. The PRIM-Jack is designed as one tool that will both push or pull the flooring strips tight. With its removable shoe, you can efficiently position the jack on the floor or in the field of flooring without damaging the flooring, thereby enabling hands-free operation for nailing. The tool’s base features a non-stick coating to help protect prefinished floors. The PRIM -Jack is designed to be used with all thicknesses of wood floors.


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