3M 2080 Scotch Masking Tape

Clean removal up to 60 days. Conforms well around curves and irregular surfaces. Withstands temperatures up to 38°C (100°F). Blue crepe paper backing with acrylic adhesive.

Product Description

ScotchBlue™ Painters’ Masking Tape delivers sharp paint lines and can be used on a variety of textured surfaces, including woodwork, glass, metal surfaces, painted walls and trim, as well as on curved and uneven surfaces. The tape offers a medium adhesion and can be removed cleanly for up to 60 days after application without leaving residue. The tape has a flexible crepe backing with exceptional conformability and offers easy unwind, which helps achieve stress-free application.

  • Delivers sharp paint lines
  • Removes cleanly without residue
  • Does not cause surface damage
  • Easy unwind for stress-free application
  • Can be exposed to direct sunlight


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